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Native American Dance and Ceremonial Team

Venture Crew One - Beverly, MA



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We are the Webbacowet Native American Dance and Ceremonial Team.  We are also Venture Crew One, out of Beverly, MA.

We are helping preserve the Native American culture, by teaching those around us about it.  We dance, tell stories, and educate about the customs and traditions of the indigenous inhabitants of this continent.

We perform for lots of groups, and have a different program for each.  We have performed for Cub Scout Packs, Boy and Girl Scout Troops, school groups, and even at summer camp!



Venturing is a division of the Boy Scouts of America.  Itís program is much different than a traditional Boy Scout Troop, or Cub Scout Pack.

Venturing is open to boys AND girls, ages 14-21.  Venture Crews create their own program based on the interests of it's members.  The Crew members plan, organize, and carry out activities for the entire Crew, with little or no help from their Advisors (adults). 

Our crew has decided to study the Native American culture, and to help preserve the ways of an amazing people.  We do this through Pow-wows, visiting museums, and performing for the public.

We are not associated with any tribe, nor claim to be portraying any specific group of people.  Instead, our goal is to educate people about the generic traits common to the ancestors that inhabit the northeast part of North America.

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